Symbols of light and goodness, cocks have been favored birds of sacrifice to the gods. The cock is sacred and is associated with sun deities; it has the power


In folklore, a witch’s familiar or a witch metamorphosed in disguise. It is still bad luck in the British Isles for one’s path to be crossed by a hare.

Riding the Dragon

Many Traditional Crafters have an interesting relationship with dragons. Some see them as archetypes, some as being similar to the Gods, and some see them as living mythical beasts,

Animal Kinship

It has long been believed that humans have a kinship with animals, and that this kinship allows us to draw on their special qualities. When choosing an animal as

Animal Magick

The following animals all have magickal qualities that can be harnessed in times of need. Choose an animal to work with that best represents a personality characteristic you would


Cats have been associated with the supernatural since ancient times. Cats are associated with either good or bad luck, healing or harm. In folklore, the cat is one of

The Dragon in Magick

The dragon is a fantastic beast that appears in almost every mythological tradition throughout the world. Often depicted as a mix of several different creatures, it represents the four

Black Cat Protection Spell

A good spell to ward off the evil intentions of another, block a psychic attack, or turn your luck around. Items needed: One black cat candle, Black cat oil

Cats as Witches Familiars

The cat, especially the black cat, is a creature of witchcraft, in all popular belief. No artist’s conception of a witch’s cottage of the olden time could possibly be