A Ritual With Seven Angels

This would be a suitable ritual for welcoming a new baby or child into a family whether in birth, by adoption or through the joining of two existing families.

Angelic Correspondences

You can, if you wish, use angelic rulers instead of planetary ones for the magical hours, or combine the energies of both. In practice, if your magick has a

A Ritual to meet your Guardian Angel

Spirit work in the hoodoo and conjure tradition often involves enlisting the psychic aid of discarnate entities in order to accomplish specific prayerful, spiritual, or spell-casting goals. Spirit Work

Different classes of angels

There are many different classes of angels, and they can vary from the merciful Healing Angels to the daunting Angels of Judgment, and the fierce Reapers. An angel can

Planets and Angels

Different days of the week and hours of the day and night are associated with specific energies and each particular time is ruled by a planet and an archangel.