Rite of Wind

Light incense. Pass over working area. Place the representation of your magick key near your other supplies for this night. Close your eyes, and envision yourself surrounded by white light.

Rite of Celestial Power

Places your calendar on the center of the altar, along with your magickal key. Ring your bell or chimes eleven times. If you can, go outside and light your

Rite of the Mountain

Light incense. On a purple candle, inscribe the word mountain with a pin, nail, or clay inscribing tool. Place the candle in a safe holder, and light. Intone the

Rite of Stone

Arrange your thirteen chosen gemstones around your dedication candle. You will not light your dedication candle tonight; instead, we are preparing your altar for the final ceremony. Put your

Rite of Thunder

Arrange the white candle, the bowl of aromatic herbs, and your magick key on your altar near the black and white plate project from last night. This particular rite

Rite of Silence

This ritual is dedicated to pampering yourself, which means you won’t be working at your altar. You may visit a gym or a spa, or take a long, luxurious

Rite of Starry Sky

Tonight we are not using incense but enjoying the aroma of the Florida water and the fresh flowers. Sprinkle yourself with the Florida water. Go outside (or look out

Rite of Rain

Place your magick key and the special glass bottle filled with the listed herbs beside your pebbles on your altar. Fill the bottle with blessed water. Swirl the bottle

Rite of Metal

Once upon a time, magickal symbolism in jewelry, such as the pentacle, the Star of David, or even the Helm of Awe could render the wearer a death sentence.