Rite of Wind

Light incense. Pass over working area.

Place the representation of your magick key near your other supplies for this night.

Close your eyes, and envision yourself surrounded by white light.

Take thirteen slow, even breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

When you feel relaxed, open your eyes, and repeat today’s affirmation three times.


Loosely grind a small amount (about V2 teaspoon) of cleansing herbal mix with mortar and pestle.

The ingredients for this mix are lavender, rosemary, chamomile, lemon verbena, and lemongrass.

If you are using fresh herbs, you won’t need to grind them.

Place herbal mixture in a cotton conjuring bag or white piece of cloth tied with white string.

Hold your hands over the bag, and breathe deeply.

Now, repeat the following conjuration:

Sunlight to activate
Moonlight to blend
Spirit to bring the power to cleanse
Touch of wind!

Hold your hands over a bowl of spring water, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, remembering to allow yourself to become one with Spirit.

Say: “Joy, peace, and perfection.

Peace with the gods, peace with nature, peace within.”

Dip the bag of herbs in the water and sprinkle the water over your magick key (do not let the bag touch the key).

Say: “Joy, peace, and perfection. Peace with the gods, peace with nature, peace within.”

Dip the bag back in the water and begin sprinkling on yourself (if the bag touches you, that’s okay).

Envision that all negativity you may be carrying around is lifted from you with gentle breaths of fresh air.

Allow the winds of peace, healing, and harmony to circle about your mind and body.

You may experience tingling, a rush of energy, or simply pleasant and well-deserved peace.

If you are having trouble releasing any unhappiness or fear, repeat the same conjuration you initially used to empower the water.

You can sprinkle as much or as little of the water as you think you need.

Throw the bag out when completed.

If you are doing this activity with more than one person, each individual should use water empowered only for them and a personal herb bag.

Say: “Thank you!”

On the white candle, inscribe the word wind with a pin, nail, or clay-inscribing tool.

Place the candle in safe holder, and light.

Intone the following charm:

Herbal magick, speak to me
Of wind and language in the trees
Of cleansing breath and harmony
Of balance, knowledge, destiny
Spirit power lies in me!

Face east, and hold the candle out in front of you.

Slowly, so that you can fully experience the impact of your own words, say:

I seek the source
I breathe in the source
I connect completely with the source of all things
Peace with the gods
Peace with nature
Peace within.

Face south, continuing to hold the candle out in front of you, and repeat:

“I seek the source … ”

Face west, slowly intoning the same conjuration, followed by the north.

Stand still, close your eyes, and raise the candle out and above your head, and repeat the conjuration

(“I seek the source, I breathe in the source … “) one last time.

Lift your thoughts as you say this, and join the sea of peace flowing throughout the universe.

You should feel refreshed and experience a glorious connection with the source of all things.

At this moment, clearly state your signature herb aloud and say why you have chosen this plant.

You need not begin with the east if this feels uncomfortable to you.

Perhaps you’ve had previous training that places north as the source of all things.

Or you could incorporate a bit of Spiritism, beginning with the west, moving across to the east, then down to the south, and up to the north.

I would recommend against moving backwards, though, as this is a universal symbol of undoing, unless you really desire that type of energy in your life (which may not be recommend for HedgeWitch work).

Quietly meditate for a few minutes on the meaning of wind in the life of a spiritual person and the necessity of connecting with the source at all times, even when we are tense, angry, sick, or unhappy (when this connection is most needed, but we often let our emotions overshadow this wonderful connection).

You can close your eyes during this meditation, or you can simply sit outside and enjoy nature and take a walk in a field, by the beach, or in the woods.

If you are having trouble with a jumble of thoughts, simply repeat any of the conjurations given so far or use the affirmation of this day.

When you are finished, draw your personal sigil of the wind on the paper.

Repeat the word wind as you lay your hand over the finished drawing.

Say: “Thank you! It always works.

This rite is finished. Always a blessing!”

Allow the candle to burn completely, if you can. In your journal, dedicate at least one page to FIRST NIGHT WIND.

Record any experiences that occurred today which you feel are relevant.

Write about the rite and your feelings.

Leave space to record your dreams from this night and a large-enough area to add more notes about the wind, your connection to Source/
Spirit, or your new purpose, in general, that might unfold tomorrow.

Redraw or place your wind sigil in your journal, and be sure to record your signature herb.

Carry your magick key with you.

Dispose of water, cold candle end, used incense, and wet herbal bag in a way that is comfortable to you.

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying:

Peace with the gods
Peace with nature
Peace within.
It always works.
Always a blessing.