Blanket Spell

There’s something about a soft, cozy blanket that makes us feel safe and secure. Use this spell to make your favorite blanket extra special by charging it for a specific purpose, such as comfort, healing, or self-love. First, be sure the blanket is clean and dry. Take it outside and shake it thoroughly, visualizing the air enhancing its freshness. You can even hang it on a clothesline for a few hours if you wish to soak up the sun’s warm energy.

The next step is to light some incense and slowly wave the smoke over the blanket, visualizing the blanket being purified and ready for charging. The final step is to roll or fold the blanket so it’s small enough to hug tightly against your chest. As you hold it, charge it by visualizing your specific intent. Chant these words to seal the spell:

As I will,

My purpose fulfill.

This blanket will serve

This need I deserve (state your intent).

Each time you use the blanket, it will reinforce its purpose. Recharge it periodically as desired.

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