Incense Magick

Incense Cones

These cones are useful if you are travelling anddo not have access to your normal sources ofsupply. You could, of course, pop them intoyour travelling tools roll (see page 26).However, grinding charco...

Incense A Part of Every Day Life

The use of incense becomes such a part ofeveryday life that you will often find yourselffeeling quite bereft when you are not withinyour own personally enhanced environment.Given below is a way of bei...

Universal Incense

3 parts frankincense resin2 parts benzoin resin1 part myrrh resin1 part sandalwood1 part rosemaryBurn this incense for all positive magical purposes. Ifused for negative magical goals, it will cancel ...

Temple Incense

3 parts frankincense resin2 parts myrrh resinFew drops of lavender oilFew drops of sandalwood oilBurn this incense in your sacred space or grove. Youcan also use this as a general magical incense or t...

Talisman Consecration

2 parts frankincense resin1 part cypress1 part ash leaves1 part tobacco1 pinch valerian1 pinch alum1 pinch of asafoetida powder (smells horrible)

Talisman and Amulet Consecration Incense

2 parts frankincense resin1 part cypress1 part tobacco1/2 part ash

Offertory Incense

2 parts frankincense resin1 part myrrh resin1 part cinnamon1/2 part rose petals1/2 part vervainBurn this incense while honouring the goddesses andgods and also as an offering during rituals.

Crystal Purification Incense

2 parts frankincense resin2 parts copal resin1 part sandalwood1 part rosemary

Sacred Space Incense

1/2 part bay 1/2 part camphor 1/2 part lavender1/2 part broom1/2 part linden 1/2 part ground ivy

Circle Incense

2 parts frankincense resin1 part myrrh resin1 part benzoin resin1/2 part sandalwood1/4 part cinnamon1/2 part rose1/2 part bay 1/4 part vervain 1/4 part rosemary

Ritual Magic Incense

2 parts frankincense resin1 part wood aloeFew drops of musk oilFew drops of ambergris oil

Ceremonial Magic Incense

1 part frankincense resin 1/2 part gum mastic 1/4 part sandalwood

Consecration Incense

1 part mace 1/2 part frankincense resin1 part benzoin resin1 part gum arabicThis incense can be used for consecrating yoursacred space as well as any tools you may need.

Altar Incense

1 part frankincense resin 1/2 part myrrh resin1/4 part cinnamon

Saturn Incense 2

2 parts cypress1 part myrrh resin1 part dittanyFew drops of patchouli oil

Saturn Incense 1

2 parts sandalwood resin2 parts myrrh resin1 part Dittany of CreteFew drops of cypress oilFew drops of patchouli oilThis is the recommended Saturn incense formula.Remember that Saturn does put blocks ...

Jupiter Incense

1 part clove1 part nutmeg1 part cinnamon1/2 part balm 1/2 part lemon peelRemember that Jupiter is the planet and god ofexpansion, so you need to be very specific in yourintent when calling upon Jupite...

Mars Incense 3

4 parts benzoin resin1 part pine needles or resinScant pinch of black pepperBurn this incense to utilize the powers and attributesof Mars or during spells involving lust, competition ofany sort and an...

Mars Incense 2

2 parts dragon’s blood powder or resin1 part cardamom1 part clove1 part Grains of ParadiseThis is a good incense to use if you need the assertivequalities of Mars.

Mars Incense 1

2 parts galangal root1 part coriander1 part cloves1/2 part basilPinch of black pepper