Incense Magick

Incense Preparation

This is an accepted way of making incense, but
you do need to be patient. The art of blending
is highly skilled and your own experiments will
show you the best methods for you. If you
know your correspondences, you can call on
the various deities to help you in your task, or
just simply bear in mind the ultimate purpose
of your incense. Most oils and binders such as
the gums are added last.
Pestle and mortar
(Your pestle and mortar can be of any material,
though one that does not pick up the perfumes of the
ingredients is obviously best. If you do not have a
pestle and mortar, a chopping board and rolling pin
will suffice, though it is messier this way.)
Set of measuring spoons
Large bowl in which to blend your mixture
Your chosen herbs, resins, oils etc.
Small containers with lids
Charcoal blocks for burning the incense

✤ Make sure that you grind each quantity of the
herbs and resins as small as possible.
✤ When each ingredient is ground, place it in
your large bowl, reserving a small quantity in
the right proportions of each ingredient with
which to do a test run.
✤ Mix in each ingredient thoroughly as you add
it to the bowl. Mixing by hand is probably
most successful, since this allows you to
introduce your own personal vibration. You
could also use a wand of sacred wood reserved
specifically for the purpose if you wish.
✤ As you mix, say:
May this herb [resin/oil] enhance the power
Of this offering for the spirits of Air
✤ Add any oil last and make sure that this is
thoroughly mixed in and not left in one place
in the mixture.
✤ When all ingredients are combined, spend
some time thinking about your purpose and
gently mixing and remixing your incense.
✤ Remember that if you are making incense for
a particular purpose, the herbs and resins
used should correspond to that purpose,
therefore your incense may not necessarily
smell as pleasant as you would like.
✤ If wished, ask for a blessing or consecration
for the incense, as follows:
May this the work of my two hands
Be blessed for the purpose of [state purpose]
✤ Now test your sample by lighting a charcoal
block, placing the incense on it then burning it
carefully in a safe place.
Your incense is now ready, though it is best not to
use it for at least 24 hours to enable the perfumes
and qualities to blend properly. Many incenses
blend, change and strengthen when stored correctly
and incense often improves with keeping, so your
sample may not smell the same as your stored
incense. If it is to your liking and you feel it is
suitable for your purpose, fill the containers, secure
them tightly and label them clearly. They should be
stored in a cool, dark place.

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