Incense Magick

Incense for Business, Money, Prosperity and Success

After love incense, incense that can be used to
bring about success in business affairs and
finance are the ones that intrigue people most. On
the quiet, many business people who use incense
would concede that they have received
assistance, but they would hate to admit it
publicly. These incenses are especially appropriate
for those who value secrecy, because they can
be used without fuss to create circumstances
where the desired effect becomes inevitable.
Using these incenses might be considered by
some to be employing thaumaturgy – magic
that is designed to have an effect specifically on
the mundane world. Wherever possible, keep
your intent as altruistic and as clearly in mind
as you can when using incense. The ‘higher’ the
intent, the more likely it is to happen because it
can be said to be in accord with the Greater
Good. It is suggested that any prosperity,
money or success you receive as a consequence
is tithed; that is, a portion is dedicated to good
causes – in old-style belief, 10 per cent.
It is always possible when preparing incense
to make substitutions in the ingredients. They
can all be mixed and matched ad infinitum,
though you may have to experiment with the
quantities unti

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