Incense Magick

Protection Incense

There are many ways of protecting both
yourself and your own space by the use of
incense. If you simply wish to protect against
the intrusion of negative energies, it is probably
best to use those incenses that are based mainly
on the resinous substances. This is for two
reasons. First, most resins are relatively slowburning, high-vibrational energy substances, so
their effect is long-lasting; secondly, you have
more opportunity when grinding them to
introduce specific intents into the incense.
Perhaps, for instance, you might wish to protect
yourself against the jealousy of a former lover or
against financial loss. Using substances which
have a high vibration helps to build a ‘wall’ of
protection, which means that neither the bad thought nor the subtle energies activated on a
more spiritual level can harm you.
Some of the incenses below are specifically to
protect against not just negativity on a purely
physical plane, but also malign energy
deliberately directed at you and your loved
ones. Incense such as the ones for psychic
protection will give you the security you need to
know that you can combat such gross intrusion.
Other incenses mean that you can react
quickly to outside influences should you need
to do so. There are many alternatives in this, as
in other sections, so that you can decide for
yourself which ones work best for you. A lot
will depend on what is local to you, and so far
as protection incenses are concerned, the
sensitivities can change depending on the
environment surrounding the individual.
Where the incense is for a specific purpose, that
information is given.
Once again, it is always possible when
making these incenses to substitute the
ingredients. They can all be mixed and matched
ad infinitum, though you may have to
experiment with the quantities until they ‘feel’
right (or until they smell right).

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