Incense Magick

Incense Cones

These cones are useful if you are travelling and
do not have access to your normal sources of
supply. You could, of course, pop them into
your travelling tools roll (see page 26).
However, grinding charcoal is extremely messy
and it tends to fly everywhere. Try wrapping a
few briquettes of barbeque charcoal in several
layers of newspaper or old cloth and giving it
some hefty thumps with a hammer. Think of
Thor, whose symbol is a hammer, while you are
doing it.
6 parts ground charcoal
1 part ground benzoin
2 parts ground sandalwood
1 part ground orris root
Pestle and mortar
6 drops essential oil (use the oil from of one of the
ingredients in your chosen incense)
2–4 parts incense according to any of the given
recipes above
10 per cent by weight of potassium nitrate
gum tragacanth or gum arabic
✤ Mix the first four ingredients in the pestle
until well blended.

✤ Add the essential oil and mix again.
✤ You will need to create a fine powdered
mixture with a fine texture so use a good
✤ Add 2–4 parts of your chosen incense mixture,
grinding and empowering it thoroughly.
✤ Place all these ingredients in the bowl and
combine them well with your hands, thinking
all the time of your intended purpose.
✤ Weigh and add 10 per cent potassium nitrate
(which is a white powder). Mix until
thoroughly blended. Never add more than 10
per cent, otherwise it will explode.
✤ Add the tragacanth glue or gum arabic. Do
this a teaspoon at a time, mixing with your
hands in a large bowl until all ingredients are
dampened and the mixture is stiff and
✤ Shape the mixture into small cones and let it
dry slowly for 2–7 days either in the sun, a
slow oven or an airing cupboard.

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