Incense Magick

Incense for Psychic Powers, Divination and Prophetic Dreams

Remembering that the use of mind-altering
substances should be very carefully considered,
this section sets about indicating substances
that alter your sensitive vibrational rate. Each
one of us consists of at least a physical body, an
astral body and a spiritual aspect. These subtle
energies can be successfully adjusted to connect
us with other subtle vibrations – it is a little like
logging on to a computer and connecting with
a particular programme.
The incenses below help us to do this and
enable us to work without interference from
other less manageable energies. They put us in
touch with those inner powers that we use to
penetrate other dimensions and help us to
develop them without disquiet. Their specific
purpose is, by and large, stated in the name of
the incense.
It is always possible when preparing incense
to make substitutions in the ingredients. They
can all be mixed and matched ad infinitum,
though you may have to experiment with the
quantities until they ‘feel’ right (or until they
smell right).

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