Fire Magick / Incense Magick

Incenses and Fragrances based on the Element of Fire

Allspice (money, luck)

Wear allspice oil to increase luck, especially when gambling. Allspice is added to incense to attract money.

Basil (love, wealth, protection)

Add basil to food, or sprinkle around the house to attract love. Carry basil in a pouch to attract money and wealth. Make a wreath of basil tied with red and black ribbon for protection.

Carnation (strength, healing)

Wear carnation oil to promote physical strength. Add carnation oil to frankincense resin and burn to promote healing.

Frankincense (spirituality)

Burn Frankincense to consecrate ritual space. Anoint candles to be used on the altar for ritual with frankincense oil.

Galangal (money, lust, protection, psychic power)

Powdered galangal is sprinkled on the ground to bring good luck and money. Pieces of galangal are carried to attract money. Galangal is burned as an incense to increase psychic powers. The powder is sprinkled under the bed to promote lustful feelings.

Heliotrope (wishes, money, healing)

Wear heliotrope oil to attract money. Burn heliotrope incense to attract money and make wishes come true.

Orange (divination, love, luck, prosperity)

Mix dried orange peel, rose petals, and lavender buds to make a love drawing sachet. Anoint forehead with orange oil before doing divination. Mix orange and allspice oil together and wear for good luck.

Rosemary (love, lust, healing, protection)

Burn rosemary and Lavender for protection and healing. Place a sprig of rosemary under your loved one’s pillow so he or she will dream of you. Anoint green candles with rosemary oil to attract love and lust.

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