Totem Representations

You may also wish to collect images of the HedgeWitch totem representations for your personal altar. If these totems don’t suit you, simply change them to what you feel

The Hedge – The Ancestors

The ancestors are a very important part of the Witches’ tradition. They have a lot to do with moral and ethical frameworks. As we realize the interconnectedness of all

The Hedge – Hedge Riding

Hedges have long been used by Witches in the community, who were often termed “Hedge Riders”. They were those who worked between the boundaries of the everyday and those

Hedgewitch: Primal Language Exercise

Unchecked mind chatter or verbal communication complicates your life by sending mixed signals to the universe. Superfluous words can actually block your desires. Negative words will bring you things

Starting the Day the Hedgewitch Way

Begin in the morning by reading the affirmation for the day. Today’s segment concentrates on the wind, associating this energy with that of Spirit. Close your eyes, quiet your

Hedgewitch: Circle of Influence

No HedgeWitch is an island. We have friends, those we love, perhaps children, significant others, parents, partners, co-workers-people that we allow to exert influence over our lives because we

Rite of the Enchanted Woods

There are two ways in which you can perform this rite. You can visit the physical woods (with a friend) in a safe area sometime throughout the day or

Spell crafting exercise

Exercise 1. Do not do the following exercises in bed until you are used to the technique, as it is likely that you will fall asleep. 2. Have a

How to Write your own Spells

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using other peoples’ spells — and in fact there is an entire industry devoted to publishing books full of them — there are

To Cast a Spell

Probably the most obvious characteristic of a Witch was the ability to cast a spell. A spell being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out

Ritual and Spellwork

It might be said that Wicca, as a religion, recognizes the laws of the Universe symbolically through the Goddess and God, the Wheel of the Year, and reverence for

Petrified Wood

Good fortune – Stability – Security – Strength – Longevity – Grounding – Calmness – Wisdom Zodiac – Leo Typical colours – Browns Petrified Wood is also known as


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Bloodstone A semiprecious stone with magical or healing properties. Perhaps the best known is green jasper with red flecks, used in rituals and charms by sorcerers and witches. It


Colour. Olive green, yellowish-green, honey, red, brownish. Appearance. Opaque. Clear crystal when faceted and polished. Usually quite small. Rarety. Easily obtained but good crystals are rare. Source. United States,

Meditation and Visualization

Preparing for ritual and magical work involves accessing a beneficial altered state of mind that allows for both openness and focus. Many traditions practice specific meditation and visualization techniques


Calendula is known to affect the menstrual cycle and should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Theoretically, calendula may affect conception when taken by a man or woman,

To Be a Witch

A witch is either a woman or a man who knows that he or she is a witch. A witch is a natural. A witch realizes certain powers; represents,

The Witches Cauldron

The cauldron, like the broomstick and the black cat, is one of the features of any scene of witchcraft as pictured in the popular mind. Some of the belief

Alex Sanders. A Magic Childhood

Left to himself, Alex might have ended his foray into witchcraft there and then, but family circumstances forced him into contact with his grandmother almost daily and before long

Margaret Murray (1863 – 1963) Part Two

Murray, seeing parallels with her Egyptology work, started digging through documents, and in 1917 she published “Organizations of Witches in Great Britain” in the Folklore Journal. That dry-sounding paper became

Doctor John (19th century)

Famous American witch doctor, Doctor John (also called Bayou John and Jean Montaigne) was a free black man who owned slaves in antebellum New Orleans. A huge man, Doctor

Alex Sanders- The Haunted Hill

In 1939 David was born, the sixth and last of Alex’s brothers and sisters, and soon afterward war broke out. Alex, with most of the other children in Manchester,

Margaret Murray (1863 – 1963) Part One

Margaret Murray was noted Egyptologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, folklorist, and first-wave feminist, she is now best-known for a series of books on witchcraft that profoundly shaped the modern Wicca faith.

Hohman, John George (d. ca. 1845)

Hohman, John George. The most famous braucher in the powwowing tradition of folk magic, spells, hexes and healing. John George Hohman was a German immigrant to America and the

Duncan, Helen (1898–1956)

Duncan, Helen (1898–1956) British Spiritualist whose conviction on flimsy charges of witchcraft led to the repeal of Britain’s Witchcraft Act of 1736, thus clearing the way for the public

Bury St. Edmonds Witches

Bury St. Edmonds Witches Of the various witch trials of Suffolk, England, conducted in Bury St. Edmonds during the 17th century, two episodes stand out. In 1645, 68 witches

Biddy Early (1798–1874)

Irish seer and healer often described as a witch. Most of what is known about Biddy Early has been collected from oral tradition, and many of the stories about

Ostara Blessing

Ostara Blessings to all. Today is the Spring Equinox when night and day are both at equal length. If you go out late afternoon you might just catch the

How to Meditate

Attitude is everything. While there are many meditative strategies, what makes the difference in terms of spiritual awakening is your quality of earnestness or sincerity. Rather than adding another

Mindfulness in Meditation

Mindfulness is not a technique so much as an important aspect of magical practice. Mindfulness is being in the moment, allowing whatever task you’re performing to have the whole


Meditation is a focusing of the mind and creating within it a relaxed state of awareness. When you learn to properly meditate, you actually alter how your brain functions—lowering

The Love Box

Items needed: Small, heart shaped box, love-drawing incense, love-drawing oil, pink candle, parchment paper, pen, rose quartz, some of your own hair, orris root powder, charcoal, and matches. Perform

Iron Protection Ritual

Items needed: Eight pieces of iron or iron nails One black candle, A dish of salt, Protection incense. Method Place the candle on the floor near your front door.

Black Mirror Gazing

The black mirror is used very much like a crystal ball. You can purchase, or make your own if you prefer! Black paint on the back of a piece


Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate ((Na,K)AlSi3O8) of the feldspar group that displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. An alternative name is hectolitre.   Etymology Its name is


Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica (SiO2·nH2O); its water content may range from 3 to 21% by weight, but is usually between 6 and 10%. Because of

The Planets: Mercury

Mercury is the closest and densest planet in the solar system to the Sun. Its interior is composed of a huge iron core. This is thought to be partially


One of Britain’s most well known stone circles, dating from around 4000 years ago and originally consisted of 180 stones. Today it is possible to see two stone circles


In England, Chanctonbury Ring is one of the time-honoured meeting places of the Sussex witches. A well-known landmark and local beauty spot, it is a green, rounded height, crowned

Planetary Correspondence Saturn

Glyph Symbols Scythe, key, double axe Deities Saturn, Kronos, Hera, Kali, Net Archangel Cassiel Day Saturday Color Black Number Three Metal Lead Stones Onyx, obsidian, jet, hematite, apache tear

Planetary Correspondence, Jupiter

Glyph Symbols Thunderbolt, trident, crown Deities Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, Minerva, Tinia, Marduk, Maat Archangel Sachiel Day Thursday Colors Purple, dark blue Number Four Metal Tin Stones Amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite


Millions of years old, from ancient Babylon to modern times, the planets have always symbolized the essential forces of the universe. Equated with the gods, endowed with magickal attributes,

Catnip spell

Catnip is magical correspondence with Venus and water both are associated with love and feelings !! This spell is to encourage a partner to be more imagination in love

Moon Wort

Status Best Time to See June, July, August Colour Green Habitat Woodland, Grassland A small fern with a magical reputation. So named for the shape of its leaves, which


A poisonous perennial herb that grows in the Mediterranean region and that is reputed to have powerful magical properties. Mandrake, part of the nightshade family, has a strong and


(Cupressus sempervirens) P Folk Name: Tree of Death Gender: Feminine Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Deities: Mithras, Pluto, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth, Artemis, Apollo, Cupid, Jupiter, Hekat, Hebe, Zoroaster Powers: Longevity, Healing,

Magical uses of plants/scents

ACACIA -Blessing, raising of vibration, protection via spiritual elevation. AGRIMONY (Cocklebur) -Helps to overcome fear, dispel negative emotions, overcome inner blockages. ALLSPICE -Adds strength to Will, gives determination and


Jasmine flower awakens your spirit and opens your heart to great energies involving all matters of Love, as Jasmine helps to attract love into your life in all forms.


(Crocus angustifolia) X Powers: Understanding Animal Languages Magical Uses: The cloth-of-gold gives the power to understand the language of birds and beasts. You must be barefooted with washed feet


Roses are a highly versatile and magickal herb that has the highest vibrational frequency out of all the plants. As such they have been used for cultural and medicinal

Psychic Attack// What is A?

A spiritual or psychic attack is when someone intentionally sends negative energy your way. All that’s really required is for someone to think negative thoughts or wish you ill

Essential Healing Salve Recipe

When it comes to healing salves, there are a couple kinds that prove their need most often. Though everyone has different preferences and different recipes for those salves, these

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

This homemade elderberry syrup can be taken at the first sign of a cough, cold, or flu. It’s also great as a daily immunity booster. For cold and flu.

The Best of Elderberries

The elderberry recipes here are what will make the bounty of your foraging a real prize. A recipe is what brings surprise to all you’ve gathered. There is much

Rite of Celestial Power

Places your calendar on the center of the altar, along with your magickal key. Ring your bell or chimes eleven times. If you can, go outside and light your

Rite of the Mountain

Light incense. On a purple candle, inscribe the word mountain with a pin, nail, or clay inscribing tool. Place the candle in a safe holder, and light. Intone the

Rite of Stone

Arrange your thirteen chosen gemstones around your dedication candle. You will not light your dedication candle tonight; instead, we are preparing your altar for the final ceremony. Put your

Rite of Thunder

Arrange the white candle, the bowl of aromatic herbs, and your magick key on your altar near the black and white plate project from last night. This particular rite

Rite of Silence

This ritual is dedicated to pampering yourself, which means you won’t be working at your altar. You may visit a gym or a spa, or take a long, luxurious

Types of Ritual

The heart of the ritual may be a Sabbat or Esbat celebration, or it may celebrate a life event such as an initiation into a coven, a self-initiation for

Rite of Starry Sky

Tonight we are not using incense but enjoying the aroma of the Florida water and the fresh flowers. Sprinkle yourself with the Florida water. Go outside (or look out

Rite of Rain

Place your magick key and the special glass bottle filled with the listed herbs beside your pebbles on your altar. Fill the bottle with blessed water. Swirl the bottle

Rite of Metal

Once upon a time, magickal symbolism in jewelry, such as the pentacle, the Star of David, or even the Helm of Awe could render the wearer a death sentence.


Ulex (commonly known as gorse, furze, or whin) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae. The genus comprises about 20 species of thorny evergreen shrubs in

Planetary Correspondence The Moon

Glyph Symbols Crescent, cup, silver sickle Deities Hecate, Selene, Diana, Thoth Archangel Gabriel Day Monday Colors Silver, white, Number Two Metal Silver Stones Moonstone, pearl, chalcedony, mother of pearl

A Moon Magick Ritual For Calm

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Full Moon Blessing Rite

Items needed: Clear glass bowl, a one-liter bottle of spring water, silver paint, sprig of jasmine, moonstone, two white altar candles, gardenia incense and oil, small paintbrush, altar tools


The vomiting or disgorgement of strange or foul objects, usually associated with someone possessed by or obsessed with the Devil or other demons. Such actions also once were seen

Airts, The Four

This is an old Gaelic term for the four points of the compass, north, south, east and west. They are important in magic, as the magic circle should always


A knotted loop of thread, also called a ligature, which witches were said to use to cause impotence, and perhaps even castration, in men; barrenness in women; and general


In German and Scandinavian myth, the Alrunes are sorceresses or female demons who can change shape; they are believed to be the mothers of the Huns. As late as


Footprints are reputed to contain the essence of a person and may be used in magical charms and spells. Dust or dirt taken from a footprint may be used


The symbol of the “sabbatic goat,” portrayed as a half-human, half-goat figure, or a goat head. The origin of the name Baphomet is unclear. It may be a corruption

Bune Wand

This is the old Scottish name given to anything a witch used to fly on. Contrary to popular belief, the instrument of the witches’ legendary flights through the air

50 Ways To Use Essential Oils

1. For good-smelling towels, sheets, clothes, etc. place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the clothes dryer

ABC of carrier oils

Vegetable and carrier oils have a plethora of fine uses which include acting as a carrier for therapeutic applications, as an excellent addition to your culinary creations, as a

Good Luck With sachet

Supplies needed: 1)small bag or panty hose… 2)vanilla incense 3)frankincense 4)items to go into sachet. Here are some items for good luck. Acorns, jade, four leaf clovers, parsley, cloves,

Paganism in History

The customs and spiritual practices of the early, pre-Christian Pagan cultures were passed down from one generation to the next. These old ways were traditions for respecting and interacting

lammas: Crafts, Song and Celebration

Because of its association with Lugh, the skilled god, Lammas (Lughnasadh) is also a time to celebrate talents and craftsmanship. It’s a traditional time of year for craft festivals,

Lammas: Honoring the God Lugh

If your celebrations focus more on the god Lugh, observe the Sabbat from an artisan’s point of view. Place symbols of your craft or skill on the altar—a notebook,

Lammas: Symbols of the Harvest

The harvest is here, and that means it’s time to include symbols of the fields on your altar. Sickles and scythes are appropriate, as are baskets. Sheaves of grain,

Corn Dolly

A ritual doll, or variation of a poppet, used in traditional seasonal rites for the fertility of the land. The corn dolly is a harvest figure made of either

Lammas: Honoring the Past

In some modern Pagan traditions, Lammas is also a day of honoring Lugh, the Celtic craftsman god. He is a god of many skills, and was honored in various aspects

Lammas: Bread Sacrifice Ritual

Lammas is a time of celebrating the beginning of the harvest, a theme seen often in the sacrifice of the grain god. Make a sacrifice of your own this


At Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, the hot days of August are upon us, much of the earth is dry and parched, but we still know that the bright reds

Lammas: Symbols of the Season

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more, and you may feel like decorating your house accordingly. While you probably can’t find too many items marked as “Lammas decor” in

Lammas: A Feast of Bread

In early Ireland, it was a bad idea to harvest your grain any time before Lammas; it meant that the previous year’s harvest had run out early, and that was a serious


The lamp and the lantern are symbolic representations of life, the light of divinity, immortality, the intellect, guidance, and transitions in life. The striking or extinguishing of a lamp

Lamp Magick

The lamp has four distinct parts. The base of the lamp corresponds to the element of earth and is the foundation upon which you will structure your magickal work.


(NORTHERN HEMISPHERE) Date: June 20th – 22nd Other Names: Alban Heruin (Druidic), Summer Solstice Pronunciations: lee-thuh, lii-thuh Although the name Litha is not well attested, it may come from

Summer Solstice Blessings

In Latin the word ‘solstice’ literally translates to ‘the sun stands still’. In the Northern hemisphere we will enjoy over 16 hours of daylight – and thousands will gather

Summer Solstice Ireland

The ancient Celtic festival acts as a timely reminder and celebration of who, where and what we really are. Summer Solstice celebrations date back to over 5,000 years ago

Summer Solstice Wales

The summer solstice is the first day of astronomical summer and the longest day of the year for people in the Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, solstices and equinoxes

Summer Solstice

At the Summer Solstice the Sun has reached its climax. It is the longest day of the year. At its most glorious peak the Sun God sacrifices his power

Shamanic Summer Solstice

Celebrations of the Summer Solstice vary across the globe and from culture to culture. In some cultures, it is also known as “Midsummer’s Night” and celebrations begin with twilight.

Litha, The Summer Solstice

Time: Three days beginning from sunset around 20 June (20 December in the southern hemisphere) Focus: Full potency, illumination, mysteries revealed; healing, the height of joy, fulfilment, the need


Time: Sunset 31 July-sunset 2 August (31 January-2 February in the southern hemisphere) Focus: Willing sacrifice for the greater good, natural justice and karma, trusting the cosmos to provide

Apples for Mabon

Apples are the perfect symbol of the Mabon season. Long connected to wisdom and magic, there are so many wonderful things you can do with an apple. Find an

Count your blessings at Mabon

Mabon is a time of giving thanks, but sometimes we take our fortune for granted. Sit down and make a gratitude list. Write down things that you are thankful


Autumn Equinox, 2nd Harvest, Falls Between September 21 – 23 Mabon, (pronounced MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon, or MAH-bawn) is the Autumn Equinox. The Autumn Equinox divides the day and night