Protection Magick

Protections and Purifications

There are many folkloric remedies for the evil
eye, ranging from painting an eye on the prow
of a boat in the Mediterranean, supposedly to
outstare the sorcerer, to passing a plate filled
with burning coals three times round the head
of the victim in India. Iron is always a good
specific against the curse of the evil eye, as also
are mirrors or glass beads, which dazzle.

By and large it is the idea of envious glances
that is the basis of the superstitions and
customs surrounding the evil eye. In Turkey,
many parents keep new babies out of public
view for forty days, lest their beauty invite a
jealous glance. In Jewish and Kabbalistic lore,
the evil eye is known as ayin harah and what
follows is a variation of a charming technique
to protect a new baby from ayin harah.

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