Magick: The Basis of Power

The basis of magic is power. Though magicians have used it for thousands of years, we still don’t know exactly what “power” is. But we do know how to work with it.

Magic is the movement of natural but subtle energies to manifest needed change.

These energies exist within ourselves, within our world, and within all-natural objects in it.

These energies, whether in avocados or in our own bodies, share a common source, even if their specific manifestations are quite different.

Three types of energy are used in magic.

These are personal power, the energy that our bodies possess; earth power, that which resides within our planet and within plants, stones, water, fire, the atmosphere, and animals; and divine power, which has not yet been brought to Earth in specific forms.

Magic always utilizes personal power. In folk magic, Earth power is used as well: the magician arouses (or awakens) her or his own power through visualization or physical exertion.

Then Earth power (the energy that resides within natural objects) is awakened through visualization.

Visualization (the process of creating images in the mind) fine-tunes these energies, altering them in order to make them useful for a specific purpose.

Once this has been accomplished, and it is easily done, the magician blends the two types of energies.

This is usually done through visualization, but there are other techniques available. Food magic is unique in offering a very natural method of uniting these two energies.

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