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Sacred Geometry

SACRED GEOMETRY MEANS different things to
different people. The artists of the
Renaissance period discovered the
Golden Mean – a ratio which helped them to

construct a perfect picture, calculated as
1:l.618034, an ‘irrational’ number. This concept
is still valid today.
To the architect, that same ratio – this time
called a Golden Section – is used to calculate a
standard proportion for width in relation to
height, as used in facades of buildings, in
window sizing, in first storey to second storey
proportion and at times in the dimensions of
paintings and picture frames – in fact,
wherever a pleasing proportion is desired.
For the botanist or zoologist this same
proportion is seen in nature in the spiral of
flower and leaf growth or in the symmetry of a
shell. Here we have the best arrangement so
that each leaf gets the maximum exposure to
light, casting the least shadow on the others.
This also provides to falling rain, so the rain is
directed back along the leaf and down the stem
to the roots. For flowers or petals, it displays
them to insects to attract them for pollination.
In fact, nature has developed a way of working
in an optimum fashion, and so too can we, if
we so choose.
We can learn to use geomancy, Sacred
Geometry, Feng Shui and indeed even old-style
medieval geomancy, to learn and understand
the currents within the earth and to divine how
best to live in peace and harmony with the rest
of the world.
There has always been something magical
about mathematics, and indeed, the ancients
thought that it showed Divine intention.
Platonic solids, which still fascinate today, were
used to prove various theories and to form
‘perfect’ shapes. The magical art of
manifestation pays homage to this in many
ways. The dodecahedron (a twelve-sided
shape) is potentially the most beautiful, but at
the same time most unstable, solid – surely a
magical figure.
Man’s efforts to understand the inexplicable
have led him down many highways and
byways. Perhaps the most fruitful initially for
the spell worker or magical practitioner
nowadays is to understand magical principles.

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