Rite of Celestial Power

Places your calendar on the center of the altar, along with your magickal key.

Ring your bell or chimes eleven times.

If you can, go outside and light your favorite incense.

If you are confined inside, try to position yourself near a window with a good view of the heavens.

Stand looking up at the heavens, and say:  Celestial magick, speak to me Of sun and moon and heaven’s sea Of signs and lights of the starry sky That shine within the Hedge Witch eye That flow around the Hedge Witch heart To focus into Hedge Witch art. Thank you!

You may wish to bless your herbal mixture with the following charm: Sacred Spirit, light the way Bless my work with herbs this day! Air bestowing … Sunlight glowing … Droplets flowing … Field of sowing … Moonlight nourish garden growing! Hand of joy and heart of knowing … Leafy vines and sweetened fruit … Cast the pattern of pursuit! Hedge Witch power I invoke Heaven’s prayers like sacred smoke Clear the way to manifest That desire which I think best.

Thank you!

Place the herbs on top of the calendar.

Write the word sun on the gold candle.

Write the word moon on the silver candle.

Ring your magick bell to match your personal power number.

This is to help you focus.

Light the sun candle, and say: I focus my will. Light the moon candle, and say: I empower my will with my emotions.

Ring the bell eleven times to match the mind-mastery significance of the number eleven.

Sit quietly and stare at the dual burning candles.

When you are ready, intone the HedgeWitch incantation of power, focusing your mind on those thirteen goals you wrote in the calendar.

Once you have focused on the goals of this ceremony, you will let them go.

You won’t look at this calendar for a full year, until the anniversary of this night.

Power of the east, winds of sacred birth Gather all your forces and bring a desire to earth.

Power of the south, winds of hot creation Separate the earth by.fire, refine this incantation.

Power of the west, winds of down below Bubble up to meet the sky and make the pattern so! Power of the north, winds of sacred treasure Solidify my own desire and formulate the measure! Power of the spirit, winds of dusk and dawn Align the planets in their places, words convey the song! Power of myself, the winds of my demand Emotions seek to formulate and bring about my plan! Power of the still point, from which I manifest I have the key to make it be, and Spirit does the rest!

Ring the bell eleven times, and then say: “Thank you!

That was easy! It always works.

Always a blessing!”

Meditate for five minutes on the meaning of the sun and moon in your magickal life and how your thoughts and actions bring light to the world.

How have you changed in the past eleven days?

How do you wish to continue to shine your light into the world?

In your own life?

In the lives of your family members and friends?

Draw your secret symbol for the celestial power of the sun and moon in your Hedge Witch journal.

Allow the sun and moon candles to burn completely if you can.

Wrap the calendar and herbs together in a brown paper bag.

Seal securely with tape and write TO BE OPENED ON: and next year’s date.

Put in a safe place.

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying:

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. It always works. Always a blessing.

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