Sit somewhere in a natural setting: on a beach, in a forest, a field, or even in your own backyard.
Breathe deeply and close your eyes.
If your health will be compromised by exposure to inclement weather, by all means, practice this and other outdoor exercises in an indoor environment.
As you sit, imagine that you have roots that extend from the base of your spine.
These roots reach not only down into the earth, but out to everything on it.
Imagine that this vast network of roots connects you to humans, animals, plants, objects.
Take a moment to feel the pulse of your connection to the great All.
Notice where your connection to things and people might be weak and where it feels strong.
Spend ten minutes (or longer, if you can) simply feeling your connection.
When you are finished, open your eyes.
Consider the following questions:
In what way was my connection strong?
What do you suspect is the reason for any strong connections?
In what way was my connection to things weak?
What do I suspect is the reason for any weak connections?
What actions can I take that may strengthen any weak connections?