Invoking Water Element

Water is the Element of the west and is
represented by a bowl of water or a goblet of
wine or fruit juice. Its colour is blue and,
because it represents the giving of life, it is
associated with the Elements of sea, rain, snow
and rivers.
When you need cleansing, revitalizing, the
removal of curses or hexes or change of any
sort, you will call upon Water. It is to do with
emotions, right through from the most basic
passions to the most elevated forms of belief. It
is predominantly feminine. It is the fourth and
final quarter that you invoke in any magical
The undines are the Elemental beings
connected with Water and are beautiful and
very graceful. The nymph is frequently found in
a fountain and the mythical mermaid belongs to
the ocean. Some undines inhabit waterfalls,
others live in rivers and lakes. Smaller undines
are often seen as winged beings that people
have mistakenly called fairies.

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