Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Pretzel

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Energies: Protection


Pretzels have a long magical history. According to legend, the winter solstice was observed with a special bread in Europe during the Middle Ages. This bread was circular, in honour of the sun, but twisted at the centre to form an equal-armed cross symbolic of the four seasons. This was called a “bret-zel” or “pretzel,” and was a familiar festival food denoting the rebirth of the sun in European folk religion. Our pretzel is the direct descendant of these early breads. Its shape reveals Pagan origins, although it has been slightly altered. The salt seems to be a later

Magical uses:

Though pretzels can be enjoyed at any time, eat them on the winter solstice in honour of the sun. Also, pretzels are appropriate to protective
diets due to their planetary ruler, the salt, and the bread’s twisted shape.

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