Protection Magick

Protection Formula

Make a spray of salt, water, vinegar, and herbs you associate with protection (I use pepper, lemon, and rosemary- though I do recommend a variation of Thieves oil, if you’re interested in also cutting down on germs and such) to use when cleaning to add a magical boost to protecting your home.

• Through many of us don’t have the traditional old school hearth setup, I like to light a candle to symbolize the hearth fire burning in my home. I use this ritual to honor my gods and their presence in my home. This also helps me feel connected to the hearth fires of old and to all those who came before me, allowing me to be here.

• Timing your chores with moon cycles can be an effective way to get witchy and remember to actually do certain chores, which we all forget from time to time (no? Just me? Alright then.)

• Enchanting your throws, blankets, and miscellaneous comfy things to be loving, comforting, and reassuring for those who need it is always a nice touch.

• Making a charm for a healthy, happy, and protected home! I made a little witch ball out of a plastic Christmas ornament and some items that matched my intent and it’s been good.

• Don’t underestimate the magical nature of mundane chores. Sweeping? I like to visualize that I’m sweeping out all of the gross energy and vibes along with the grime. Vacuuming? Same deal. Airing out the house? Inviting in clear and flowing energy. As long as you make it meaningful, it is.

• If you’re into home decor, switching out wreathes and interior decorations is a good way to stay in tune with the feel of the season.

• Warding your home! This can take many forms, such as a witch ball, wind chimes, a rock guardian, or whatever else you see fit!

• Adding charged water to your cleaning supplies can really help intent and usher in the seasons. I like to use solar water with some lemon to welcome in the spring and summer and moon water with some chai spices to welcome in fall and winter.

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