Magical Journaling for SelfCare

Journaling is a therapeutic practice. It’s also a valuable
part of working magic. Keeping records of your work
allows you to consult notes regarding herbal or incense
blends, timing, successes and failures, origins of ideas,
references, and experiments with energies of various
supplies and components. Partnering or uniting the
concepts of reflective self-care journaling and magical
journaling in pursuit of self-care just makes sense.
You’ll have more than one magical and/or self-care
journal in your life, so don’t get too caught up in
finding the perfect one to last forever. Any blank
journal or notebook that is pretty and makes you
happy or relaxed when looking at it is great.
Do you already keep a magical journal, recording
your energy work, spells, and rituals? Decide if you
want to have a separate self-care journal or if you’re
going to use your existing magical journal for that
purpose. Do what feels right for you. You can always
start one way and switch later if your initial choice
doesn’t work for you.
A self-care journal tip: glue an envelope to the back
cover, or use washi tape to tape the bottom and side
of the last two pages to make a pocket open at the
top. This allows you to keep loose things in it.
The following rituals will help get you started with
your journaling practice. The first is a simple
technique to bless your new self-care journal. The
second establishes optimal conditions to allow a
productive journaling session.