In this garden you use a separate candle for each of your
goals. A Garden of Ambition that is focused on work might,
for example, include candles for a raise, a promotion,
recognition, better assignments, and so on. If the garden
also included personal goals, there might also be a candle
for being more organized, one for getting into shape, one for
keeping on budget, or whatever your individual goals might
Purple, silver, and dark green, for ambition, are appropriate
candle colors for this garden; so are red for advancement
and orange for success. Ogun is a god who helps with
achieving goals. His colors of black, dark blue, light green,
and red are also appropriate for the candles in this garden.
Appropriate charms for a Garden of Ambition include
eight bay leaves or traditional offerings to Ogun, such as
hot peppers, small bags of salt, and palm fronds. His
customary altar furnishings of an iron cauldron and small
metal objects, such as chains, wires, nails, and miniature
tools, could also be incorporated in the garden.
Focus on moving forward when you activate this garden
and on your action plan for reaching each goal. It would be
unreasonable to only rely on magick, so also try to take a
concrete step, however small it might be, toward each goal
each day.