Garden Magick

The Urban Herb Garden

The Window Box

Even the city apartment dweller has room for herbs.

Take clutter off the kitchen windowsill and replace it with an attractive planter, filled with fresh, growing herbs.

The following herbs and small plants are attractive and easy to grow, and are the staples of
most love spells.

Window Box for Love and Attraction

Basil, Violets, Parsley ,Rose, Tarragon,
Cardamom, Thyme, Rosemary ,Yarrow ,Lemon balm,
Dill ,Endive ,Daisy ,Dulse ,Bleeding

The Patio, Balcony, or Porch Planter

Terra cotta strawberry pots are ideal for the urban gardener.

When they are grouped together in varying sizes, they make an attractive addition to any balcony or porch.

The main portion of the planter, located in the center, is usually filled with tall and bushy herbs, and the side pockets usually hold small or trailing plants.

The following herbs and plants thrive in strawberry pots and make welcome additions to attraction and prosperity spells.


Herb Protection Pouch

Use this spell to protect your property or a loved one you may feel is in danger. Items needed.

One black candle, one small stone from a cemetery, black cloth pouch filled with a pinch of each of the following herbs and plants:

Oak bark,
Spanish moss,

Window Box for Attraction and Posterity

Marigolds ,Marjoram, Green bean, Goldenrod, Dill,
Fenugreek, Woodruff ,Tomatoes, Irish moss, Poppy,
Alfalfa ,Cinquefoil, Clover

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