Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Potato

(Solanum tuberosum)

Planet: Moon

Element: Earth

Energies: Protection, compassion


The potato is a native of Peru, where it was first cultivated by about34000 B.C.E.

It was introduced to Spain (and subsequently throughoutEurope) in 1534.

It was immediately claimed that the potato was a sure-firecure for impotency. At times, it was sold for the equivalent of 1,000 dollars a pound.

Potatoes lost favor in 1728 in Scotland, where cultivation of the potato was prohibited because it was unholy nightshade that wasn’t mentioned in the Bible.

Practitioners of American folk medicine carried potatoes in their pockets to cure rheumatism.

In England, toothache sufferers carried a piece of potato to vanquish the pain (this was probably most effective while going to see a dentist.

Those who dine on new potatoes are granted a wish.

Magical uses:

As with many root crops, potatoes are added to protective diets. They should be seasoned with onions, chives, dill weed, rosemary, or parsley
for the strongest effect. Additionally, owing to this vegetable’s lunar rulership, potatoes can be eaten to instill compassion.

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