Garden Magick

Garden of Compassion

In this garden, you place a separate candle for each person who has asked you for magickal help. You use large candles for ongoing work, such as for someone with cancer or a heart condition, or for a child with special needs. You use smaller candles for people who are experiencing temporary challenges such as failed relationships, lost jobs, illnesses, or crossed conditions. Tea lights are good for single wish me-luck lightings, for someone who has a court date, a job interview, or an exam, for example. Candle colors for this garden can relate to each issue, such as white for protection or uncrossing, blue for hope or truth, green for healing or acceptance, brown for balance or grounding, pink for love or happiness, and so on. You might instead choose a candle because it reminds you, in some way, of the person for whom you charge it to work magick. The garden might also contain charms of compassion such as a jade plant, a rose quartz heart, or an image of Kwan Yin, Lady of Compassion. Lotus and sandalwood incense are appropriate choices to burn with the candles. When activating this garden, focus on sending energy to each person as you light his or her candle. To prevent depletion, make sure that when you raise power for this, you gather it from sunlight, storms, moonlight, trees, wind, or other natural sources instead of using your personal power

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