Witchcraft is a number of belief systems whose roots pre date Christianity and which comes under the umbrella heading of Pagan. Witchcraft also has roots which go back to Paleolithic times as illustrated by the cave paintings of our ancient ancestors. The craft of witchcraft can possibly be termed as a living religion and has as much relevance to us today as it did to its practitioners in the past. We still seek healing in our bodies and minds , strength to deal with our daily lives, understanding and compassion to help us relate to those around us and develop our own selves.

Unlike the more orthodox religions or faiths ,  where it is true Wicca has a priesthood the craft of witch craft  does not. We are each our own Priests and Priestesses and there for make our own decisions as to the expression of our beliefs . As a result there is no one true way to being a witch. This gives rise to a great diversity in our daily practices and indeed enables the craft to grow and adapt to the real world in a way that other paths may find difficult because of their interpreted doctrine. There are however many beliefs and practices and beliefs most witches hold in common.