Your First Steps to Witchcraft

Our first steps on the path of Witchcraft require us to connect to the earth and at least wonder about its inherent value.

Could the earth, its seasons, and the natural realm really have value beyond material or monetary advantage?

Could it be (as indigenous people across the globe say) “sacred?”

What does sacred mean?

In Witchcraft, the term refers to something that is holy or that has a direct relationship with the deity.

In pagan spiritual paths, practitioners come to a mystical, intuitive understanding that all things are manifestations of an underlying energy or spiritual force.

Each of us must unveil these mysteries for ourselves.

The path of the Witch involves this slow process of unveiling the power of the earth, particularly as it manifests in our own lives.

This process moves at the pace of the seasons themselves.

Like the seasonal turnings, this process does not culminate in abrupt changes.

Understanding the truth of our existence and our connections to all is gradual, like standing in a cool-mist that eventually soaks you to the bone.

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