Witches Bottle Spell

Supplies Needed

1 mason jar,
A variety of sharp items such as
broken glass,
barbed wire,
thumb tacks,
Shovel or digging tool.
1 red candle
matches or lighter
pen or pencil and paper
Your DNA
Sea Salt
Basil or Cinnamon
Deity Used. Pan, or the Horned one
Time of day=Night

Fill the jar with the sharp items you have chosen.
In the remaining space that is left in the jar, fill with your urine, sweat, spit, and A few drops of blood, as in your DNA.
When filling the jar, visualize energy entering the jar from above and below in the form of hot energy flames, red, orange, and blue getting trapped never to leave the jar or your DNA
Once the jar is full seal it tightly so it does not leak.
After dark carry the jar and other supplies to the edge of your property to perform the spell.
(If you cannot do this on your property then find A quiet place in the woods or by A river, or creek somewhere.
If you have none of these you can as The last resort use A bucket to perform the spell.
Take your shovel and dig A hole deep enough so that your bottle will not be damaged or disturbed.
Once the hole is dug, take out your fire wand or the wand you use.
If you do not have A wand use A stick.
You may even use your finger.
After you cast your circle sprinkle some sea salt in the bottom of the hole that you dug, then place the jar in.
Sprinkle some sea salt on top of the jar and say
As above So Below.
I, what ever your name is, cast this spell in the name of Pan or The Horned One to be the protector of my DNA which is the Witch in this bottle,
So Mote It Be
Cover the hole with dirt, then place the red candle in the dirt on top and light it.
Sprinkle Basil, cinnamon around the candle in A complete circle, and proceed to write your own personal spell.
Once the spell is written take A minute to concentrate about what it is that you have written to make sure you are happy with your words,
Say the spell out aloud then burn the paper in the candle flame.
Seal the deal with So Mote It Be!
Sit And meditate on the candle flame until it completely burns out.
Take your circle up the same way you put it down in reverse.
Leave the candle but on top of the hole to signify where you buried the jar till the next day.
Then you can come back in the light and leave A marker, even leave the gods A offering.

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