Candle Magick

Candle Gardens

At times witches may receive a lot of requests for help.

These requests may come from, people who are ill,  or grieving,  or maybe need healing, they could be lonely, possibly victimized, or challenged in some other way, that they will turn to someone else for assistance.

It is almost certain that it will never be possible to cast spells for everyone.

However, it can be a good practice is to light candles for people. with the magickal intent of. sending energy for whatever their specific need is.

At times witches may also work magickally on personal objectives.

Often work can be carried out  on several of these personal objectives, simultaneously, such as health, prosperity, and protection.

Creating magickal candle gardens is one way to keep these practices organized.

A candle garden is a collection of attractively arranged candles, usually of different sizes, that are all burned at the same time.

When a candle garden is meant simply for home decoration, its candles are often all the same color, shape, and scent.

They are generally purchased in the same place, at the same time, and chosen only for appearance.

It takes a great deal more thought and planning to create a magickal candle garden.

Such a “garden” should contain separate candles for each person, condition, problem, idea, or issue for which its candles are burned.

Each candle should be carefully selected so that its size, shape, color, or scent resonates with its magickal intent or with the person or thing that the candle is meant to represent.

Each of the candles in a magickal garden should be unique, yet, as in a flower garden, all of the parts of the whole must work harmoniously together.

The candle arrangement should please the eye, and the different scents should mingle pleasantly rather than clash with one another.

A magickal candle garden is personal.

You determine how your garden will look, what its purpose will be, when it will be used, and how long you will burn the candles each time you activate the garden.

You can burn them every day, on certain days of the week, at appointed phases of the Moon, whenever you have a need, or simply whenever you feel like lighting them.

The more frequently that a candle garden is used, the stronger its magick will grow.

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