Hermetic Principles

The Principle of Vibration

This principle teaches us that all is in motion, nothing is at rest. Everything moves; everything vibrates with its own rate of vibration. Everything is in a constant state of movement and change. Objects, plants, and animals have an energy signature that is often perceived as an aura. Interestingly, when we change our energy or mental state, the world around us changes to match the new vibration.

Now, there are two parts to the principle of vibration. First, there is the law of attraction, often called LOA for short. The LOA shows us that “like attracts like.” It proves that what you think—either good or bad—you will attract to yourself. After all, the first principle’s lesson was “thought creates”! This is a simple explanation of thoughtforms (and thoughtforms will be discussed in more detail shortly).

Part two of the principle of vibration is the law of change. Witches embrace change, and change is to be expected as normal. Honestly, when we work our magick, are we not working for positive change? It is also important to

remember that when we change our conscious behavior or attitude to a more positive one, then the world around us changes as well.

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