Crystals & Stones

Enhancing your Magick with Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones are gifts from nature and as
mentioned above can also be used to enhance
your rituals and magic. They can become sacred,
magical tools in their own right. When
consecrating a circle, creating your sacred space
or making a shrine, you may like to search out
stones which can represent the Elements, so here
are a few suggestions:

When looking for stones to represent Air, you
need to think of crystal-clear stones or
yellowish-tinged ones. A quartz crystal point
can often be picked up quite cheaply and, of
course, it does not matter if it is flawed because,
with a little imagination, these flaws can often
look like clouds. Quartz pebbles are often
found on the seashore, weathered by the water.
Stones to represent Fire should be red or orange
or sometimes black. Any stone which has the
feeling of passion or fiery emotion will do very
well – carnelian or red jasper work particularly
well. Volcanic rocks, or other very hard ones,
often signify Fire since they are the outcome of
fire from the earth.
Blue or blue-green stones are good if you wish
to represent Water and if you are near the sea
you might find a piece of salt or sand-blasted
glass, which is ideal. Although glass is man

made, nature has done its work. White or
greyish pebble stones actually found in water
are also very useful, while a piece of stone with
seaweed attached is also good. Some agates are
very pretty and can echo wave patterns.
The colours for Earth are green and brown, and
many of the stones associated with Earth are
green as well. All stones are the product of Earth
so almost any stone will do, particularly if you
have got to know it as suggested above. Use it
wisely and it will always repay you. Remember
that you do not need polished stones for this –
the more natural they are the better.
Most clear crystals can be used to represent the
fifth Element of aether, or Spirit, as can the
purple-hued ones. Amethyst is particularly
good, as it is both a transmitter and a receiver of
psychic and spiritual energy. Mostly, those stones
which are capable of representing spirit will
‘speak’ to you and if you choose more than one
you will have to use your intuition so that you
choose the right one for your purpose.

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