Moon Magick


Monday is ruled by the Moon. Call on this lovely energy for magicks involving emotions, peace, healing, balance, fertility, planting and growing, family, pets and hearth and home. It’s a day to empower yourself by trusting your intuition; go with your instincts.

The Moon is waning making it a good time to rid your home and self of negative energy. As we go about our day, we pick up negative energy that sticks to us like little burs. We bring this energy into our homes and leave it on everything we touch. Cleanse yourself and your home by sprinkling moon water about; perhaps use a cutting of loosestrife to encourage peace and harmony in your home and within yourself. While you sprinkle, say something like:
Blessed water, wash away
Gloom, chaos and disarray
Bring to me, joy, love and light
Let shall stay from day to night

Finish up by burning some sandalwood incense for an extra boost to guard against the negative stuff! Oh and don’t forget to do your magickal tools; they also pick up the negative energy we bring into the house.

Meditate to find peace or as a form of garnering self awareness, wear silver jewelry to give yourself a bit of sparkle, burn jasmine incense for love, to attract wealth or induce prophetic dreams. If possible, step outside tonight and gather some lunar energy for a bit magickal guidance.

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