Garden Magick

Hedgewitches Spellwork: The Gardening Tools of Belief

In a recent A & E Biography interview, I was asked what constitutes a “spell.” I wasn’t surprised at the question, because those who have never cast a spell find the process alluring but
(thanks to the negative programming of some religious sects) frightening. Personally, I find
spells fascinating, and I’ve been working them for over twenty years! Spells are nothing more
than tools to focus the mind and support your beliefs in a positive way, to bring your desires
to fruition through the means of quantum physics (energy manipulation). Spellwork focuses
the mind on a specific subject in a specific way, many times using an activity (such as burning
a candle) to bring the two parts of your belief (conscious and subconscious) into alignment.
Words and tools are used together to poise your mind at its most capable point of manifestation. When you cast a spell, you are throwing out your energy net through words and actions
to bring something to you, whether that something is a new car or inner harmony. Choos-
ing your words and your tools carefully and succinctly becomes very important, because it is
not the universe you have to convince that you deserve whatever it is you want, it is yoursel£
Therefore, the tools and words of a spell are mental garden stepping stones that should:
(a) pull in divine energy through positive, uplifting thought and behavior,
(b) align your conscious and subconscious beliefs.
If the spell does not do both of these things for you, your desire will not manifest.

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