Moon Magick


Anything surrounded by centuries of mystery and superstition takes on a very
magical quality, and such is certainly the case with the Moon. But has She
always been considered a source of enchantment? More to the point, though, is
the Moon really magical? Is the power that She seems to hold more than just a
simple illusion created in the mind’s eye?
While the real answers to these questions are certainly anybody’s guess, I
believe that a consultation with the Earth’s earliest inhabitants would probably
bring a positive response to all three questions. For all the advancements we’ve
made in both education and technology through the ages, I also believe that
those answers would still be affirmative if posed to today’s practitioners. Why?
Because anyone who’s worked with the Moon in any way, shape, or form simply
cannot deny Her power when it comes magical manifestation.
However, I’m also of the opinion that over time, we as practitioners have
given the Moon more power than our predecessors ever thought possible. How?
Because we’ve fertilized Her with praise, fed Her with worship, and tended Her
with devotion. We’ve offered Her our deepest emotions, called out to Her in
times of need, and depended upon Her light for comfort. We’ve given Her our
energy, and in doing so we’ve breathed life into Her, charged Her magic, and
given Her a potency unsur passed by any other planet in our system. Because of
this, the Moon often seems to have a life of Her own-and even, some might say,
a mind of Her own.
Before your eyebrows shoot up in surprise, understand that this isn’t
necessarily a bad thing. By giving the Moon our energy and strengthening Her
power, we’ve built a very magical creature, indeed. She’s become a friend with
whom we can bond, a confidante with whom we can share our deepest secrets.
And because of Her natural pull upon our emotional makeup, She’s also become
the strongest ally possible when it comes to practicing the ancient arts.
Like everything else in our world, though, there is another side to this coin.
Because we’ve energized the Moon, we have to be respectful of Her power and
use it wisely. This means that we need to think long and hard before we invoke it
for magical use. We need to be specific in our intentions. We need to be
absolutely certain that our goals are in the best interest of all concerned. Above
all, we need to maintain control and direct Her power. Otherwise, the end result
of our magic may be anything but that which we first envisioned. In fact, it could
take on a life of its own, and that’s a place we simply don’t want to go.

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