Plant Magick

A Short List of Magickal Plants

Aloe is feminine and ruled by the Moon. Its
Element is Water. Its magical properties are
protection, success and peace. Aloe has always
been known for its healing qualities, for
treating wounds and maintaining healthy skin.
It helps to combat a variety of bacteria that
commonly cause infections in skin wounds.
Amaranth (cockscomb) is feminine and ruled
by Saturn. Its Element is Fire. When used
magically, it is said to repair a broken heart, so
therefore would be useful in certain love spells
and rituals. Formerly it was reputed to bestow
Angelica is a masculine plant ruled by Venus.
Its Element is Fire. It is particularly useful when
dealing with protection and exorcism; the root
can be carried as an amulet with the dried
leaves being burnt during exorcism rituals.
Anise is masculine and ruled by the Moon or
Jupiter. Its Element is Air. Its magical properties
are useful in protection and purification spells.
It brings awareness and joy.
Apple is feminine and ruled by Venus. Its
Element is Water. It is used most effectively in
the making of magical wands, in love spells
and good luck charms.

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