Two-For-One Moon Wish Jar!

You’ll need:

A jar with a good, sealing lid
Salt (about a teaspoon to a tablespoon should work)
Glitter, sequins, anything that catches light, in any color you want
Fill your jar most of the way full of water, add the salt, glitter, sequins, anything else you’re adding to your moon wish jar, and seal it up!

To use it for Moon Wishing, find a place in or near your home where you have a good view of the Full Moon. Position yourself and your jar in the light of the moon and envision you and your jar absorbing it, gaining power from it. Meditate for a few minutes, allow yourself to gain a sense of peace and relaxation from the moonlight. Once you feel empowered, make your wish to the Moon and shake up your jar, envisioning your wish being fulfilled. Allow the contents to settle while you continue meditating and focusing your energy on your wish. Once your jar has settled, shake it up one more time and set it in a window that gets moonlight at night.

This jar can also be used to quiet a troubled mind or to relieve stress! Simply shake it up again as needed (don’t forget to think about your wish!) and watch the contents settle to the bottom of the jar! 

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