Magick Materials

The Wand & Witchcraft

As with all magical tools, it is not the wand that causes magical transformation, but the Witch, who energetically charges the wand with magical intention.

As a shape, it takes the form of a line, and so is used to direct energy.

It is often used in Witches’ rituals to invoke theGoddess and God and may be used to draw magical symbols in the air or on the ground.

It can also be used to draw the circle within which the ritual or spellwork is performed.

The wand is associated with the element of Air and is considered sacred to the God.

The wand can be a fairly simple affair, simply cut from a slight branch or twig from a tree (with an attitude of reverence and respect for the tree making the sacrifice).

Generally, the wand isn’t much longer than the forearm and can be shorter.

Woods traditionally used to make the wand include oak, willow, elder, and hazel.

Witches without access to these or other trees might purchase a wooden dowel from a craft or hardware store to decorate and consecrate as a wand.

There are also a number of very fancy glass or pewter-based wands decorated with engravings and crystals available at many New Age stores.

However wood is the traditional material for Witches wands.

It is generally thought that a wand made by the Witch who uses it is more effective.

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