Autumn Equinox

Await the Harvest

To all those law of attraction, abundance manifestation, and easy life, high vibration, anti negativity sorts, you’ve got it all wrong.

Sure, if I wanted the easy life, I’d utilize “the secret” and manifest an easy life. How would this benefit me though? If I drive all I view to be uncomfortable from my life, what’s left? What if I seek abundance every day, as so many new aged “feel good” posts recommend?

If you’ve ever seen those “law of attraction”, “manifest your desires”, and “abundance manifestation” posts, which dot the landscape of social media, you’ll likely be familiar with paradise culture.

It’s the sort of vile thing you see in every community, from Christian to conspiracy theorist. Among the Christians, it’s the prosperity doctrine. Among the conspiracy theorists, it’s what life would be like “if the Elite weren’t hiding it all from us”. Among the new agers, it’s “law of attraction”. Among witches, it’s “abundance manifestation”, and among the Satanists, it’s “lesser black magick”.

Obviously, everyone fails at achieving the above but they all have the same excuse; they just use different wording. For the Christians, you didn’t believe strongly enough or give enough. For the conspiracy theorists, you simply didn’t wake up. For the new agers, you didn’t ascend to dimension b42. For the witches, you didn’t do the spell right, and for the Satanists, you just didn’t have enough favor with whatever demon, devil or fictional character from a medieval book of fables.

What unites all these groups is that they are all peopled by slaves and all the slaves seek paradise, just by different names. All of these people would be perfectly happy being perfectly happy, having everything provided to them, where they have no need to work. Did you know there’s a name for this sort of place, other than paradise? It’s called a ranch. In fact, did you know that on the ranch where the most expensive cut of meat is raised, the cattle want for nothing? In fact, they’re treated like family, until they’re sent to the slaughter house.

Now, I’m sure you all can understand the exchange being made here? Did you think it would be different for you? If after you’re given all these things you signed in the blood of your fellows for, your blood wouldn’t be demanded in turn? How foolish you are! Then, ranchers don’t build livelihoods by slaughtering sentient creatures, now do they? They do it by slaughtering stupid animals!

Meanwhile, as all of you make animal noises about “abundance” and “a paradise hidden from you”, people like us know that an easy life, isn’t a life worth living.

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