Autumn Equinox

An Autumn Ritual

An Autumn Ritual, Called Mabon in the Celtic Calendar
You will need:

A deep dish filled with fallen leaves
A small bowl of berries or nuts
A deep empty bowl

Between September 21 and 23 in the northern hemisphere, and between March 21 and 23 in the southern hemisphere.

The Spell:

Take a leaf (you can do this with others if you wish, who do the same actions and say the same words, in turn), naming what is being left behind that did not work out, gently dropping the leaf into the empty bowl and saying: “Go in peace, what did not flourish in the harvest of my life.”

Next, take a berry or nut, naming what can be taken forward from the previous months, saying: “This is the good harvest to sustain me in the months ahead until spring breaks through.”

Continue until you have named all that is lost and gained, then scatter any remaining leaves and berries or nuts outdoors, saying: “What is lost and what is gained are now set free in equal measure. Blessings be on all 

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