Things You Do NOT Have To Be In Order To Be A Witch..

PAGAN: you can be a witch and be a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other. Religion that does not use the label pagan for itself.

WICCAN: witchcraft is a secular practice. Wicca is a religion that involves the practice of witchcraft sometimes.

RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL: you can be an atheist witch.

FEMALE: men and non-binary people can also be witches.

WHITE: a person of any ethnicity or race, can practice witchcraft and be a witch.

STRAIGHT: anyone of any sexual orientation
( Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, poly, multi, Omni..
Can also be a witch. CIS: trans and non-binary people, can be witches.

A HARDCORE ENVIRONMENTALIST: respect for nature is certainly never a bad thing, and an absolute must in my eyes. But you don’t have to chain yourself to a tree or live in the building running entirely on solar power or eat solely organic food to call yourself a witch.

VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: witches can eat meat and animal products. Remember, witchcraft is a secular practice.

FULL OF LOVE AND LIGHT: witches who do not follow a religion or a moral code that says otherwise. Then they may curse as they see fit.

DARK AND SCARY: some witches do not want to curse anyone, and that is also fine. Make healing potions and yummy smelling tinctures to your heart’s content.

NATURALLY PSYCHIC ( ally gifted ) not every witch was born able to Divine or do divination, sense auras or predict events.

ANTI-SCIENCE: love and study of scientific fields and technology can compliment witchcraft.

A CHILDHOOD WITCH: some witches start practicing as adults, after marriage and are great at it!

A COUNTRY DWELLER: you go urban Witches!

Bottom line is this, you can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever it is that you want to do. You can act and practice and believe in any way that you see fit. So don’t ever let anyone judge you or belittle you for rockin to the beat of your own drum. I applaud you! I’ve always said there is no room for dogma in the Craft, it’s just too diverse and the possibilities of how you can practice really are limitless. I hope this post can help put to bed some questions that some of y’all have been wondering about. If you have to be a certain way to be a witch and all that jazz. So please absorbe this article and take it all in little witchlings, because all you need to be a witch is your genuine magickal self.

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