Astrological Magic

As Above So Below

Heaven above, heaven below; stars above, stars below;

All that is above, thus also below; understand this and be blessed —Prodromus Coptus Sive Aegyptiacus by Athanasius Kircher (1636)

One of the best known sacramental phrases of Hermeticism,

“As above, so below” is also very much of the core of the worldview of Astrology.

This in turn is associated with the principle that everything that exists in the universe is interconnected and makes up one great whole.

Even though it is a standard practice to speak of astrological events as having an impact upon our lives and our world, this isn’t the most accurate way to describe what is actually occurring.

The relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm is reciprocal.

It is not so much that the heavens affect us as it is that they are large enough so that we can read what is written there, rather than what is written in a script too small upon the fine fabric of the reality.

One of the benefits of making Astrology a part of your practice if you are a witch or a magician is that helps to train our subtle senses to also read those microcosmic patterns.

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