Casting Magick

Casting a Circle

Here is how to cast and take down a magic circle.
What to Do:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Draw energy up from the earth into your core and let it
    flow down the arm of your dominant hand.
  3. Imagine the earth energy flowing out of your fingers.
    Point your hand to the side and either turn slowly in
    place or walk around the perimeter of your space,
    visualizing the energy flowing out like a ribbon to
    surround your working area. Finish the circle by
    visualizing the ribbon of energy meeting the other end
    you started with.
  4. Once the ring of energy is complete, visualize the
    energy stretching up to form walls, then continuing into
    a dome over your head. Visualize a similar hemisphere
    under you, so that the energy surrounds you like a full
  5. When your work is complete, visualize this in reverse.
    See the half spheres above and below you recede back
    into the simple ribbon of energy circled around you.
    Then point your hand at where the circle began and
    ended and trace it in reverse, imagining the energy
    flowing back to your hand and up your arm to your core.
    Make sure to allow it to flow past your core and down
    your connection to the earth to allow it to rejoin the
    earth energy it came from

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