Deity – Soul

There are 2 types of souls. Those that use their minds to live life with, and souls that use their hearts. The soul uses both but typically one makes the most decisions, certainly not all in most cases.

There are souls that are led through emotions, feelings, hormones, the spur of the moment, the thrill of excitement, the physical is their way of interpreting the spiritual. These souls are souls that need only action and excitement to enjoy their life. When talking with a heart soul, be gentle, only emotions rule these spirits. Their native tongue is gentleness. All souls, though, understand love.

There are souls that are led through ideas, philosophy, discussion, reflection, discipline, the mind is their tool for interpreting the spiritual. These souls are souls that only need privacy and things to mull over with a few close friends perhaps. This is the soul that reads life through what they see and hear and interpret, who shy away from the gregarious action.

These souls understand the truth, their native tongue is fact over opinion. All souls, though, understand love. When you are attempting to speak to a spirit, lead them with what their native tongue is. The deity knows each language of the world, and more beyond this. The deity does this through understanding how a soul reads and interprets the living world around them.

Do not get lost in translation. That is dangerous, it only brings problems and negativity to those spirits involved. If you have a problem prefer to speak to the spirit inside of the people you talk to in their native tongue. The languages people speak are typically easy to understand. After all, we didn’t make it this far just to kill each other over miscommunication.

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