Dependence on Entity Use

Sometimes when we use things, we begin to incorporate
them into our lives. Soon we find it hard to think of a
time when we didn’t use such an item. We find ourselves
dependent on that item.
The same can be true when we start to work with the
entities that we create (and even the ones that we don’t). Of
course, depending on the level of dependency, this may not
necessarily be a bad thing. We have dependencies with all
kinds of things in our lives, and without them we may have
to function differently, and it may take us longer, but we
are still able to function. The dependencies that may develop
through working with entities may only reach that level. When we come to depend on entities more than most
other things, we may be putting ourselves into the path
of problems. Some people create entities that do things like
inspire creative thought or allow the picking of a winning
horse. For a writer, if the entity of creative inspiration
were to not work for some reason, after a long time of
reliable service, the writer may find him or herself in a real
predicament. The person that make his or her “luxury”
income through the earnings on horse betting, may soon
find themselves with a real problem when they start losing
money as opposed to making it. There is nothing wrong
with having a “mild” dependency on an entity that you
create, as long as you are still able to function in a normally
without that entity.
When you create an entity, do so with the understanding
that the entity is only here to help. The entity is
not here to do everything for you. If you follow this rule
of thumb, you should not experience any negative issues
when working with the entity that you create.

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