Candle Magick

Empowering a Candle

Choose a candle with the colour according to the Spell you wish to cast.

It does not matter what size candle you use as long as its A fresh candle that has never been used before.

Hold the candle in your left hand(Hand to Receive Energy)and with your right hand(Your Power Hand)use your thumbnail on your right hand to scratch the correct rune, or symbol you would like to use to properly bless your candle with.

While doing so visualize A white light coming from above and into the top of your head(Crown Chakra)and thru your body and exit out of your thumb and into what you have inscribed onto the candle.

Hold the visualization in your mind until you feel the candle is fully blessed with Divine light.

While holding your candle with your power hand, visualize A purple light coming out from in between your eyes and entering the candle.

Along with your magickal intent, fully overtaking the whole inside presence of your candle and trapping itself in there getting sealed in.

You should be able to visualize the candle glowing as it gets empowered.

Hold that visualization there until you feel as if the candle can no longer hold any more power, and at this point, the empowerment portion is done.

At this point, inscribe any other magickal symbols, or written Spells you would like to add to the candle while visualizing the magickal intent at hand.

Lots of people use the end of A stick of incense or A wooden toothpick for this task.

Now your candle is ready to be anointed with oil.

While keeping good visualization of the Spell at hand, hold the candle in your left hand close to your stomach, as in solar Plexis Chakra, with the tip facing out.

Then on your right hand use your first finger to anoint oil from top to bottom in one complete motion.

Do so pulling the oil toward your stomach as if you were pulling energy into your Solar Plexis.

In your mind, you can feel the energy trembling and generating all through your body as you become one with the candle.

You should be able to see in your mind the energy glowing from the candle as you have now successfully empowered and anointed A candle from start to finish.

Seal the deal with this,

by the power of mind-body and Spirit this candle is empowered,

blessed, and as I will it so,

blessed be this tool that I have chosen as an extension of my spiritual growth.

So Mote it be,

Or you can use your own twist on the end the choice is yours!

if you are in fact using this candle for the fifth element as in Spirit

When anointing the candle only anoint the top half first from top to middle then flip the candle over and anoint the bottom to the middle.

Not only is this for balance but is for grounding as well so make sure you visualize this when anointing this candle.

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