Hedgewitch: Your Key to the Universe

Consider your life as a fertile patch of ground, ready for planting your personal
den of potential. Take a few moments, and think of what you’d like to grow there. Success?
Good health? Financial gain? Happiness in relationships? All of what I’ve just listed and
more? Every moment of your life is that fertile piece of ground, capable of producing exactly ,
what you desire. Now let’s grow it!

Whether you are trying to raise a successful business, manifest healing in your life, find a
loving partner (or pet), buy a new house, or have a better relationship with a specific person,
the starting point of change is always the same: connecting to the source of all things. You need that moment of focused quiet where you acknowledge the pure power of All That
Is-and in that connection, anything, I mean anything, becomes possible. Getting there is as
simple as shifting your weight from one foot to the other. Defining “it”? That truly depends
on what you believe. The interesting thing about this engine of the universe is that you don’t
have to understand what makes it tick to use it, nor is it ego-defined. There’s no such thing
as a secret pass for the select few. In the practice of HedgeWitchery, the power just “is”-and
everyone has access to it. All you have to do is shift your mind from here to the source, and
in one breath you can move right into the heart and soul of the power of manifestation. From
there, all things are possible. Believing in “it” isn’t hard. Getting to “it” isn’t difficult. The trick?
Remembering to go there in the first place! Once you acknowledge that you must connect to
your concept of Spirit to succeed, nothing can stop you.
How do you start using the amazing power of All That Is? With a smile.
Many times, we are so busy, frustrated, angry, hurt, depressed, irritated (you name it) we
forget that a brief shift into the source will allow us the opportunity to fix our unhappiness,
solve a problem, or provide just the right creative idea we need at a particular point in time.
We let the outside world and our reactive thoughts so thoroughly inundate the situation that
getting what we truly desire seems almost impossible. A simple smile functions as a magick
key, because although we may be serious, the source isn’t. The source is pure joy. Your smile
shifts your energy vibrations from impotent to empowered!
Try it! Close your eyes and take a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Give your mind a little time
to settle into the source. Now smile! Doesn’t that feel great? Oh. You don’t feel like smiling?
Give it a try, anyway! No, you don’t have to be happy to smile. Just do it. You want your smile
to be genuine? Okay. Think of something wonderful that has happened to you in the past,
something good, something marvelous. Is that a smile I see? Is it? Yes, it is! Now, see how
wonderful you can feel when you smile? And when we feel wonderful, we increase our ability
to reach our desires, find peace, and maintain happiness.
Hey, not bad for a simple muscle movement.
Time to practice smiling! For the next two weeks, throughout your daily tasks, remember to smile! If you think of a pleasant memory, go ahead and smile. If you see something
that amuses you, don’t keep a deadpan expression-smile! If you hear something funny or are
enjoying a good conversation, be sure to pepper the moment and smile, smile, smile! Allowing
yourself to smile puts you in a much better emotional place. Too many smiles will never hurt you- they’ll only make your life better! To remind yourself to practice smiling, why not carry
a special key in your pocket, on your key ring, attached to your purse, or dangle a key charm on
your iPod or cell. Spend some time choosing your special key, or just begin collecting keys as
a constant reminder that to accomplish anything, we must unlock the door to our connection
with the source.
As a HedgeWitch, you’re going to learn to smile a heck of a lot! Now that we have our very
own magick key (the smile that connects us to the source), we need to learn how to communicate with the source so that we can use this unlimited power to the best of our advantage.

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