Now the nature of the hex is simple. It’s basically a dark cloud that follows someone causing havoc and misery. This is what we will learn to break today.

First you must be able to sense the hex.

Write down the person’s name whom you think may be hexed. If you start to feel a sudden depression Chances are that this person may be hexed.

What you need to do now is create a barrier around the person who has been hexed.You need to separate their pure energy from their soul, from the darkness that surrounds them.

Making a Barrier:

Lighting a candle for them

Lighting incense

Draw an eye and their name near the eye

Draw a star in a circle and their name in the star

Then comes the removal of the hex.

This is where you need your energy to come between the hex and the person. Inside of your mind it should look like you’re standing next to them and you have an army of fighters around you. You claim that person as your own. You demand that everything that is harmful to your pack leave at once or they’ll face your wrath. Immediately you should sense a change in energy.

You keep thinking of how to fight the hex and talking to it as if it were a human. Because the reality is that a hex isn’t just energy. A hex is itself either an animal or a human that’s been so in tune with someone else’s need that it listened to them. You need to take charge of that entity and demand that it leave at once.

But none of this is vocal in the least bit.

If your power is a little on the weaker side then you might need to say this aloud. But for the most part your thinking should be so demanding and so loud that the energy around you senses your dominance. It will bow to your will. Once you sense it has submitted then you can be kind to it. And say to it inside of you that even though it lives as you do, and breaths as you do, it is not welcome to attack your friend and envision it leaving.

And the hex is broken.