Protection Magick

Dream Pillow for Protection

1 part Rosemary

1 part Lavendar Petals

1 part Rose Petals, red, pink or white

1 part Catnip

2 drops lemon oil

1 part Lemon Basil

1 part Violet Petals

1 part Sweet Grass

Ashes from 3 sticks of Lavendar incense

Gather your herbs preferably straight from nature. If not, buying them already dried is ok, too. Dry them. When you have all of your herbs gathered and dried, toss them together in a bowel with a wooden spoon. Make sure that the lemon oil is totally mixed in with the herbs. As you’re

mixing the herbs, chant:

“Oh Great Goddess from up above,

Fill my pillow with your power of love,

So that in sleep I have nothing to fear.

Let only good dreams reside in here!

So mote it be.”

Sew up a pillow from fabric that you like, preferably either blue or purple, but choose whatevergoes with your room. As you’re sewing the pillow up, burn the insence and think about what you want your pillow to do for you. Leave one side open so you can put the herbs in. Sew an inner pillow up so you can put the herbs in without any of them falling out and littering on your bed. Put the herbs into the inner pillow and sew up the remaining edge. Put the inner pillow into the outter pillow. There should be room left over, and if there is, stuff some cotton stuffing around the inner pillow. If not, then just sew up the remaining edge. Place the pillow wherever you sleep at.

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