A Love spell

Love spell that would make the love ones you desire fall in love with you or u want to repair your lost relationship or attract a lover, this is the kind of spell u need, this is a powerful love spell that you can cast on your lover or crush using Osun(Goddess of love)Ososgbo river water Holy water,Osun Oshogbo Holy sand,Osun leaves, a red candle and Osun(Goddess of love), powerful oriki(incarnation)your crush or your lover photograph,your full names, your lovers full names and your heart desires written with red ink on a white scared paper will be tied together with ribbon and rested under Osun(Goddess of love)River water, sand, leaves, and a red candle. The red candle will be light by 12am to begin the love spell. Powerful evocation with Osun oriki .Incarnation will commence which can be personalised to you. Your names and photographs will be combined with these powerful ingredients within Tue cauldron by holy salt in my shrine. Your love spell will end snuffing of the red candle burning your photograph and your lover photograph…

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